Reseller webhosting

Want to sell webhosting to your customers, with complete freedom in the way you do that? Then our reseller web hosting is exactly what you need. High quality web servers, competitive rates, API available, 100% own management and professional support!

  1. Complete self-service management
  2. Prefect for multi-domain management
  3. Free daily back-up
  1. Choose your ideal hosting package
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    1. Intro SSD Reseller

      € 12,99 p/m

      For small-scale performance web hosting with opportunities to expand

    2. Basic SSD Reseller

      € 29,99 p/m

      Ideal for a medium-sized reseller with focus on high performance web hosting.

      Best Choice!

    3. Premium SSD Reseller

      € 49,99 p/m

      Optimal speed and space for the rapidly growing reseller.

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