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But we do not sit still! We are always looking for ways to create even better services and ways to make our customers more happy than they already are!

Contact details

  1. Willemstraat 15
    4811 AJ Breda
  2. E-mail:
    Fax: +31.847409951
  3. Rabobank: 1594.75.953
    IBAN: NL57RABO0159475953
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    BTW nr.: NL161047841B01

Everything under control

...Because of our many years of experience

Domainwinkel was established in 2003. Since then we have have gained a lot of experience with providing and maintaining the quality of our services for our customers. We have optimised all of our processes to create the most suitable environment for our customers.  

Honest & personal

...without unwelcome surprises and extra costs

Domainwinkel stands for honest and personal service without any unwelcome surprises. You will always know what to expect from us and you will always experience a personal and honest treatment so that you can enjoy your domain names and website without worrying.